The student-run Healthcare Club is the cornerstone of Sloan's vibrant healthcare community, and promotes a breadth of experiences for members to engage and explore opportunities in healthcare. Event programming each year is designed to educate students about the industry and connect them with practitioners. 

Executive Speaker Series

Each month, executives from some of the most innovative and influential companies in healthcare visit Sloan to talk about the work they do, the industry trends they see, and their experience shaping their own careers.

Industry Workshops

The Healthcare club partners with companies and industry experts for workshop events designed to prepare club members for careers in various industry related verticals. These workshops generally involve an educational component to introduce the day-to-day work of different roles, as well as a practical component to understand the recruiting process.

Past events include a panel covering financial roles related to healthcare (banking, PE, VC, CFO) and a consulting case prep session tailored to the life sciences.

Company Treks

During the year, on-site visits to companies are organized for students to get a first hand look at what it's like on the inside, as well as network with employees.

These treks have covered a wide range of organizations, from start-ups to large multi-nationals, and have taken students to Boston, San Francisco, and New York.

Club Mixers

Socializing, networking, and building a strong healthcare community are a major point of focus for the club. Breakfast events, small group dinners, and mixers are hosted throughout the year to foster relationships.

These mixers allow members to get to know each other better, but also help us connect with peers from the broader MIT community, alumni, and other business school students visiting the Boston area.

Case Competitions

Many companies and business schools host healthcare focused case competitions, and the Sloan Healthcare Club helps coordinate members interested in representing the school at these events. Teams from Sloan have competed across the country to great success. 

Healthcare Club Retreat

Club members are a tremendous resource for each other, and our supportive culture is central to our success. Early in the academic year we set aside time for a one night event to build relationships and share our experiences with new members.