Students at Sloan have the ability to tailor their educational experience based on their interest in healthcare. The curriculum includes a diversity of healthcare related courses covering many aspects of the industry. 

Sampling of Healthcare Focused Courses:

  • 15.122 Critical Reading and Technical Assessment of Biomedical information
  • 15.124 Evaluating a Biomedical Business
  • 15.132 Medicine for Managers and Entrepreneurs
  • 15.136 Principles and Practice of Drug Development
  • 15.137 Case Studies and Strategies in Drug Discovery and Development
  • 15.141 Economics of the Health Care Industries
  • 15.232 Business Model Innovation: Global Health in Frontier Markets
  • 15.363 Strategic Decision Making in the Life Sciences
  • 15.367 Healthcare Ventures
  • 15.482 Healthcare Finance
  • 15.777 Healthcare Lab: Introduction to Healthcare Delivery in the United States
  • 15.S74 Future Health: Reinventing Care, Enabling Prevention, and Transforming Lives