MIT is one of the premier universities in the world and roughly 70% of research within the institute is related to healthcare. Accordingly, there are a number of resources available to for Sloan students to engage with the wider community to explore educational opportunities and entrepreneurial ventures.

The Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship is one of the premier institutional entrepreneurship incubators in the world. Pulling individuals from all parts of MIT, the Trust Center helps students collaborate on new business ideas and connects them with the resources they need to launch.

One keynote program includes Delta-V, a competitive summer program that helps fund and launch MIT based businesses over the course of a summer term.

The Media Lab is a unique institution in the world, promoting a beyond-borders, non-conformist approach to learning, innovating, and shaping the future. Mixing technology with art and science, the Media Lab is both a research institute for entrepreneurs and creative thinkers, as well as a sponsor of Sloan classes based on their work.

Hacking Medicine is an initiative at MIT to promote healthcare entrepreneurship, teach strategies to scale medicine, and use digital health to solve worldwide problems.

While active throughout the year with many events, the group's marquee event each year is the spring time Grand Hack.

The MIT Biotech Group is a student group for all graduate students at the institution interested in increasing the pace of biomedical innovation through building strong relationships between academic thought leaders, students, and industry professionals.

During the course of the year the group puts on educational and social events, and often collaborates with the Sloan Healthcare Club.

CBI’s mission is to improve global health by providing a safe and transparent environment for collaborative research among industry, academia, and government. The program draws from the expertise of MIT's Schools of Engineering, Science, and Management.

There are three principle programs CBI runs:

  1. Biomanufacturing Program (BioMAN)
  2. Consortium on Adventitious Agents in Biomanufacturing (CAACB),
  3. New Drug Development Paradigms (NEWDIGS)